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Our Mission

Our mission is to Exalt Jesus, Edify and Equip the church for ministry and to Evangelize the lost.



Solid Rock glorifies God through a lifestyle of personal obedience
and communion with Him; and, in the spirit and power of Pentecost, worships
Him in seasons of praise, brokenness, power and blessing.

  • We worship the Lord, expressing our reverence, love and allegiance to Him.
  • We develop the habit of earnest and effectual prayer.
  • We continually bear witness to those around us, not only of God's miraculous
  • deeds, but also of His daily providential care.
  • We exalt the Lord through our service to Him, seeking to be instruments of His will
  • and purpose.



Solid Rock mobilizes every believer to present the gospel
in the power of the Holy Spirit to the unsaved.

  • We challenge one another to recognize the need for sharing the message of the
  • Gospel and to understand our personal responsibility in meeting that need.
  • We train one another in the specific skills needed to effectively witness.
  • We seek out and develop opportunities for a hands-on involvement in presenting
  • the Gospel to others.



Solid Rock builds a Biblical community of believers, serving and
building up one another in Christ-like relationship.

  • We love, accept and encourage all within our fellowship without regard too social,
  • economic or cultural distinctions.
  • We motivate each other to develop Christ-likeness in our daily living.
  • We care for and share with one another in times of need.
  • We build relationships that strengthen each of us, recognizing that we are the body
  • of Christ fitly joined together.



Solid Rock develops its members into mature believers, leading
them to discover spiritual gifts and calling, and deploys them as skillful
ministers of God's grace.

  • We preach and teach the Word of God


"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of
the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, "teaching them to observe all
things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of
the age."
-Matthew 28:19-20

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